About Polly Ferman

Pianist / Music Director A leading interpreter of the music of the Americas, pianist Polly Ferman captivates audiences with outstanding performances of works by Latin American composers.  Recognized by The Japan Times as “ Musical Ambassador of the Americas.”Continue readingAbout Polly Ferman


Pianist Polly Ferman and Bandoneon player Daniel Binelli

Two geniuses of Latin American music, pianist Polly Ferman and the bandoneon player Daniel Binelli, are stranded in Montevideo, Uruguay, by the coronavirus world pandemic before the presentation of Ferman’s “Aires de Mujer” which was to be released on March 26 at Solís Theater . Since then, they have been in Uruguay and are still unable to return to Valencia, Spain where they currently reside. Taking advantage of their long and obligatory stay in our country, I proposed to interview them for JikatuTV. For more than two hours we talked about their lives as musicians as well as about the essence of their art.


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Famous Women in Music

“Polly Ferman is not your typical artist. Being one of the most famous women in music hasn’t made her focus even more in her art but instead has inspired her to support others.”

For the most part pianists are male. It has been like that for centuries. A recent study of four major international piano competitions revealed that over a period of 85 years (from 1927 to 2012) women had a 10% chance of becoming the first-prize winners. It’s an understatement to say that there aren’t too many women in music. We are honored to count Uruguayan Polly Ferman among one of the most famous women in music and one of the most famous Hispanic people.

Her career spans many years and as many countries where she has performed as a soloist with the Symphonies of San Francisco, The Tokyo Philharmonic, The National Symphony of Argentina and many others.
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April 13

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